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Beta Version

JANUARY 9 • 2020

Progressive Web App


  • Improvement of UI/UX on disconnected pages and the property list on desktop screens.

  • Email validation before modification.

  • Access to a preview of the traveler view as a host (no more host disconnection and button to comeback easily).

  • Ability to modify recommendation title for property coming from Google Places with no title.

  • Ability to update earnings and fees from booking.

  • Secondary email and phone number for the traveler.

  • Add error messages on the useful numbers view when needed.


  • New icons / wordings on the menu.

  • 1 photo displayed on the traveler view carousel if property is free.

  • On iOS the menu was displayed on some views, it should not.

  • Improvement of “Contact” page access.

  • Some data on a recommendation couldn’t be modified properly.

  • User profile picture incorrect behavior on delete.


  • Contact page rendering on iOS 12 phones.

  • AirBnb sync can failed after account removal.

  • Minor UX / UI adjustments.


Beta Version

DECEMBER 26 • 2019

Progressive Web App


  • Support via TIDIO.
  • Property guides enhancements.
  • Desktop and laptop interface improvement.
  • Removal of unavailable section display inside the application.
  • Removal of the basic / advanced property types (now all property have Advanced behavior).
  • Traveler view – Setup property pictures carousel.


  • Photo can be uploaded properly now.
  • If a free property has several photos only one is displayed on the traveler view.
  • Update the plan / membership of a property is saved without having to leave the settings of the property.
  • Emailing is now done from the


  • On traveler view, a free property with several photos still display more than 1 photo in the carousel.


Beta Version

OCTOBER 31 • 2019

Progressive Web App


Login system

  • Account creation through Google, Facebook and email.
  • Account login through Google, Facebook and email.
  • Reset password system.

Property creation and settings

  • AirBnb account synchronization.
  • Manual property creation:
    • Basic mode with only manual bookings.
    • Advanced mode with synchronized bookings.
  • Premium / Free membership creation (note: no billing system yet):
    • 1 premium property and unlimited free properties by account.
    • Property enabled status management as only 3 free properties can be managed at the same time.
  • Setup of property’s:
    • Name.
    • Address (localized through Google).
    • Default check-in/check-out.
    • Numbers of bedrooms.
    • Numbers of bathrooms.
    • Number of double beds.
    • Number of single beds.
    • Number of sofa.
    • Number of baby beds.
    • Photos.
    • Synchronized calendars.

Property’s calendar synchronization

  • AirBnb, HomeAway,, 3 more custom calendars.

Manual booking creation for “me”, “family”, “friends” and “blocked period”

Guest information setup and display

  • AirBnb guest information synchronization.
  • Traveler manual setup (mail, phone number, languages).

Call, email, invite traveler, switch on the traveler view

Recommendations creation

Recommendations rendering as list and map

Recommendations filtering by categories


No login access view


  • Map display of the recommendations.
  • Filter by category.
  • Distance estimation and way to go.
  • Host and community reviews display.

Rental setup

  • Property address.
  • Photos.
  • Expected check-in/check-out.
  • Number of travelers (adults, children, infant).
  • Type and number of beds needed.