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We’ve prepared FAQs for most of your questions. Check Release Notes on the beta page to keep track of what’s new & improved. Write to our support team for further help.

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What is Guru for? In which purpose was the platform created?

Guru is a platform that simplifies the management of short-term rentals and improves the travelers experience by connecting all services together.

For what purpose the platform created?

The platform Guru was created in order to give the hosts a hand over the management of their properties.

Where are you based?

The company INFINE France is based in Paris, but we all work teleworking in France and England too.

Are you a digital concierge?

We are not a concierge, because we do not offer the same services and we work with conciergeries.

Are you competing with Airbnb?

We are not competitors of OTA (Online Traval Agencies) whether it is Airbnb, or HomeAway for example. We come to offer a complementary service after booking.

Who is the platform for?

Guru is a platform created for and by Hosts to help them simplify the management of their rentals.

What do you bring me more than Airbnb?

I can already synchronize my calendars and create my guides of favorite places. Guru is a complementary service to Airbnb, it allows you to synchronize your calendars in one place, to create digital guides of your property and to recommend favorites places and tips (restaurants, culture, sport, hobbies). Thanks to Guru, you gain peace of mind and you can publish your ad on other platforms.

What makes your recommendations feature better than Airbnb?

Our recommendations of favorite places are displayed on an interactive map and come only from the Guru community, without a sponsored link. The recommendations come from people who have really tested the recommended address.

How to access the platform from a computer? a mobile?

Guru Platform is a progressive web app (PWA). No need to download, just go on

Can I change my rates on Guru and have them taken into account on all platforms?

For the moment, Guru does not allow to modify information available on booking platforms. You must sign in to make your changes.

Are you able to manage a property for me?

Guru is not a concierge. The platform can put you in contact with people who wish to offer their services, but no Guru employee offers this type of services.

Does the traveler need to log in to access property information?

With Guru, the traveler doesn’t need to connect, nor need to download an application. It is enough for him simply to go on the link which the host will send him.

How do you help hosts comply with the Elan law, the 120-day regulation?

The Guru platform has planned to indicate the regulations in force according to the geographical position of the accommodation. It will not be able to block the user from booking a date if the user has exceeded the regulations in force.

Guru Platform - Application - Calendars synchronized from AirBnb, HomeAway, - Centralize in one place management of bookings with an easy integration of platforms.  Calendars.

Can I block a date on the calendar and send the information to other platforms?

With Guru’s “quick actions” button from your calendar, you can add a manual booking. You must make sure that the Guru Calendar is well synchronized in other platforms.

FAQ - Support - Help - CALENDARS - Block a date manually from quick action menu. 

How to be sure that there is no double booking?

I’m only on Airbnb and I’m afraid to go on a second platform for this reason. Guru allows you to see if a date has been blocked on a platform and will allow you to validate a reservation.

Are bookings made on one platform synchronized in real time on the others?

On each platform, there is a time (in hours) to take into account the booking from another platform.

Guru Platform - Application - Recommend favorite places to travelers, posting comments and ratings.  Recommendations.

Who can see my recommendations?

The Guru community: hosts, co-hosts and teammates as well as guest travelers on the platform.

I don't want my travelers to see the recommendations of the community, can I block the recommendations of other hosts?

Yes, a button is provided for this purpose.

FAQ - Support - Help - RECOMMENDATIONS - Display only host recommendations. 

How to recommend favorite places in small villages?

If I recommend a bakery and there are only two in my village, it could create conflicts with the hosts and the platform in question. Each recommendation belongs to you, free to decide whether you want to put forward a merchant that you like. Some gather in clubs and propose to define a notebook of favorite places.

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When do I have to pay?

Not yet available during the beta version period that is free.


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